Sunday, 18 June 2017

Does Technology Create More Problems Than It Solves?

As technology is constantly changing, people often wonder why I'm so resistant to updating my bits of technology and moving with the times. But I can’t be the only one who finds gadgets and electronics a potential source of stress, for the following reasons:

1) When you buy a new piece of equipment, there’s the whole process of having to get used to a new system and learning how it works.
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2) The inevitable troubleshooting that comes when you realise your new flash bit of equipment might have some cool new functions, but is struggling to carry out certain simple, basic tasks you grew used to using on your old device.

3) Concerns about being too dependant or reliant on technology, not to mention sacrificing your privacy and personal data when engaging heavily with certain apps.

It's like technology has become too technical and involved for its own good.

Don't get me wrong, certain technological updates can make life easier. For example, when I’m out and about exploring my local area with no idea where the hell I’m going or where to get off when using public transport (buses in Yorkshire aren’t like London buses, which announce every calling point so you know when to get off), using the GPS service on Google Maps has helped massively, and saves on having to print off maps and trying to navigate where you are. Google Translate as well makes travelling to a foreign country and worrying about the language barrier a lot less daunting.

But it can also cause a lot of problems, especially when they start to malfunction (which they will do eventually, most pieces of technology are made with a short shelf life). This is why I don’t like using one electronic device for multiple things, because if and when it breaks I’ll be down not just one device but several.

From a non-practical standpoint, there are also concerns about how technology is having a negative impact on relationships, social interactions, attention spans and the environment. With all this in mind, I think it’s important for us to use these devices in moderation, and avoid being too heavily reliant on them.

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  1. I agree, in the fact that I have a really old phone that still works, yet when I got my new iphone it kept having problems to start off with, so I think the rate at which technology changes can be a problem as there can often be a lot of bugs xx

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