Sunday, 18 June 2017

Does Technology Create More Problems Than It Solves?

As technology is constantly changing, people often wonder why I'm so resistant to updating my bits of technology and moving with the times. But I can’t be the only one who finds gadgets and electronics a potential source of stress, for the following reasons:

1) When you buy a new piece of equipment, there’s the whole process of having to get used to a new system and learning how it works.
Image credit: FirmBee

2) The inevitable troubleshooting that comes when you realise your new flash bit of equipment might have some cool new functions, but is struggling to carry out certain simple, basic tasks you grew used to using on your old device.

3) Concerns about being too dependant or reliant on technology, not to mention sacrificing your privacy and personal data when engaging heavily with certain apps.

It's like technology has become too technical and involved for its own good.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Does Expensive = Better Quality?

I’ve always been one to buy most of my stuff from the high street, be it clothing, toiletries, cosmetics, electronics or homeware. There is always the option to go a bit upmarket and shop in the more expensive stores when you're in shopping centres, but I’ve usually gone for shops that stock mid-to-low priced products, just because I haven’t seen the need to go high-end for basic everyday items.

Image credit: FranckinJapan
In fact, I even wrote about my dissatisfaction with certain luxury brands in this post: Are Expensive Cosmetics Ruining Your Skin?

While it’s OK to treat yourself from time to time, I’ve often found that for example, when I’ve splurged on a designer handbag, purse or jacket, the higher price tag hasn’t necessarily resulted in a better quality item.

I guess you could say I don’t like wasting my money. I’m not necessarily a bargain hunter, but I will shop around to make sure I’m not spending triple the amount for something identical-yet-cheaper elsewhere. And I especially don’t like splashing the cash on something that fails to live up to its advertising promise.

However, a default attitude of always going for the cheapest option has definitely resulted in purchasing goods that aren’t the best quality. I never really noticed it until recently, but buying a similar item at a cheaper price has often meant the product just hasn’t lasted as long, and I’ve had to replace it perhaps sooner than I would have had to if I had spent more at the initial time of purchase.