Sunday, 6 March 2016

How To Talk To Women

It REALLY p*sses me off when guys don’t know how to talk to girls properly, or talk down to them in a lame attempt at flirting.

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I know I’m not the only one to experience this, and my friend recently told me about an occasion where she and her friend were approached by two guys. They got into a seemingly pleasant conversation and when it ended, the guys asked for their number. They politely declined, causing the guys to verbally abuse them both.


I’m not talking about shy or introverted guys by the way, because I can sympathise with those types, and once they open up you realise they make wonderful conversationalists.

I’m talking about guys with whom conversing with ends up leaving you with the strong desire to excuse yourself and end the conversation. The conversations that leave you feeling exhausted, irritated and generally creeped-out, after. And when other girls also mention that there’s something off about the guy, you know you’re not being paranoid or judgemental.

A lot of the times the guys aren’t even lacking in the looks department, it’s their personality that ends up being a massive turn-off.

For example, the guys will ask you a question to seemingly get to know you better…then respond in a really condescending manner when you answer. The best way to describe it is like you’re in a tricky job interview, being asked questions to deliberately catch you out.

If it's not that, they feel the need to comment on and ANALYSE everything you say like you’re being cross-examined. Meanwhile, you can simultaneously pick up on the horny vibes, making the encounter all the more disconcerting and repulsive.

Here’s an idea: why not just talk to a girl NORMALLY, the way you would anyone else?

I think guys like this tend to have issues with women, so they feel the need to slyly take the p*ss out of her so as not to feed her ego. It’s probably mind-manipulation – lower her self-esteem, and she’ll be easier to pull.

Ich. Any guy who has to resort to lowering a woman's self-esteem so she’s less intimidating is a loser in my eyes.

Other guys talk to everyone like that, not just girls, and so probably just need to work on their general social skills.

Either way, it’s annoying. Because trust me, I’m nice to everyone…unless someone gives me a reason not to be. But then I end up feeling guilty after for abruptly ending a conversation and avoiding the guy, like I’m living-up to the snooty-princessey-better-than-everyone-else stereotype.

But I just can’t entertain people like that, so I give them the brush-off instead. It’s either that, or give them a piece of my mind. But trying to evolve as an adult means biting your tongue, especially with strangers with whom you can simply choose to not have anything to do with instead.

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