Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tethering & Portable WiFi Hotspots: How To Use Your Phone As A WiFi Source

I’ve had numerous connection problems with my broadband service provider lately, which makes the random price hikes all the more frustrating.
Image credit: ClkerFreeVectorImages

The plus side to this is that I had a valid excuse to terminate my 12 month contract with Sky, as they could see my connection status at their end and couldn’t argue that it would frequently timeout (such a first world problem, I know).

Coincidentally, I’ve been going on house/flat viewings as I’ve been thinking about moving out. Even though Sky were okay with me leaving early into my contract, waiving any cancellation fees due the technical issues I had been experiencing, moving to another broadband provider would have been pointless as I didn’t want to be tied to another 12 month contract if I’d soon be moving.

So, what to do in the interim?

I rely heavily on the internet for entertainment - it’s where I watch most of my TV series. I also like to keep up with celeb gossip (a guilty pleasure) and the general news. I need it to check-in on this website as well.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Why Men Are Players

You get guys like this:

                                                             i.e. Mr Womanizer
Then there are guys like this:

                                                 i.e. Mr I-Prefer-The-Hassle-Free-Single-Life

Oh believe me, there's a difference.