Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Comment Of The Day #6

Backstory: Dating, sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox (yes, ironic name I know) examines the types of people who prefer and primarily seek-out casual relationships.
[Read the original article here: "Tracey Cox reveals why some people like having one-night stands" - Daily Mail, 27/01/2016]

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Depression & Anxiety: How To Cool Down After An Argument

People can be dismissive of depression and anxiety, seeing it as a phantom illness endured by those who are too weak to overcome trying times.

Image credit: Unsplash 
On one hand, they might have a point: everyone goes through difficult periods and the onus is on you to overcome it.

Sure, people can help in terms of lending an ear or offering advice but ultimately it’s up to you to seek practical steps to deal with stress and then apply it. Or at least try to, to see if it works for you.

However, sometimes stress or emotional-related problems manifest into physical symptoms that are beyond our control e.g. insomnia, lack of appetite, skin breakouts, muscle tension, teeth-grinding, digestive issues and my personal favourite chest tightness and palpitations/heart pounding. What feels like a mini heart attack is your body reacting to the adrenaline rush from a particularly stressful situation.

This is something that’s developed for me personally over the past year, and I feel like I’m getting weak in my old-age! Sometimes I wonder why trivial stuff is getting me all bent-out-of-shape, especially when I compare it more extreme situations I’ve dealt with (and managed to brush off) in the past.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Male 90-Day Rule

So apparently, some guys are trying to hold out spending money on a woman they’re "dating" for 90 days, the way some women have been advised to avoid giving up the goods (or at least try to) for 90 days.

The reason? Men want to avoid being used financially the way women want to avoid being used for sex.

I’ll play devil’s advocate here for a sec and say that there does seem to be some logic behind this reasoning. There are some girls who will entertain a guy, knowing damn well they have zero romantic interest in him, either because they’re bored, they like the attention, they’re trying to take their mind off the guy they REALLY do like or simply because they incapable of a deep meaningful relationship, but don’t mind the perks.

In short, girls that give the rest of us (who are genuinely looking for that meaningful, romantic connection) a bad name.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Is MAC Makeup Safe To Use On Acne-Prone Skin?

If my ongoing battle for clear skin has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes less is more: not overloading my skin with cosmetics is likely to prevent skin problems from even occurring in the first place.
Image credit: Maria Morri [Flickr - CC 2.0]

However, I still like to glam-up on occasion and I find I need to purchase the higher-end cosmetics to get the right shade of things like foundation (nothing worse than looking grey in photos where a flash was used!). But of course, the ingredients often used in these products are usually too rich and heavy for oily, acne-prone skin.

I feel like MAC is one of the few makeup brands that is worth the hype and extra cost. However, no matter how good the brand is you still have to be cautious when trying out new products.

So as someone who is prone to breakouts and cystic acne, I would probably avoid the following MAC products: