Sunday, 29 November 2015

Signs You Can’t Handle Your Drink

I have a low tolerance for many things. This includes alcohol consumption.

I don’t know if it’s just me getting older, or if I'm just more used to eating clean so that on the odd occasions that I do drink, my body's like "Aw hell naw! What ya tryna do to me, breh?!"...but I’m seriously a sloppy drunk these days.

When I look back at uni days and how we used to go out multiple times a week, I honestly don’t know how we did it. No wonder I was heftier back then.

On the plus side, it does mean nights out are pretty cheap now as it doesn’t exactly take much to get you drunk.

still-drunk-from-yesterday-imageBut on the downside…

1) You may find yourself in the men’s toilets (alone, I hasten to add) – This actually happened to me. In my drunken confusion, I couldn’t decipher which were the male or female toilets. When I walked in and saw the urinals, I just thought that maybe the toilets in this joint were unisex.

When I got to the cubicle…well let’s just say I’ve had more pleasant experiences squatting in the woods during hikes.

Boys are gross.

2) You may also find you end up drunk-texting exes/boys you had brief flings with – But that "friendly" 2am text won't seem like such a good idea in the harsh light of day, especially when you’re anxiously waiting to see how they’ll respond.

3) You’ve lost half of the jewellery you had on that night. Sad times.

4) It takes you 3 days to fully recover from a hangover. Sore head, much?

5) Memory loss - When you see the post-party Facebook uploads, you can’t even remember how/when the pictures were taken.

So as the holiday season is upon us, remember folks: drink responsibly.



  1. Ha ha oh god, there's nothing worse than drunkenly texting old flings/fuckboys, and then reading through all of those texts the next morning.
    Uuffda, a three-day hangover recovery? I don't think I've ever experienced that before!

    A Northern Light

    1. Haha! Oh the horror and regret! For real, a recent Saturday night out and it was only around Tuesday that I stopped feeling rough lol (the night out MAY have triggered a mini-cold or something... or maybe I'm just getting old :P)

      - Lubna :D

  2. I don't drink too much anymore, but I think I might have always been a sloppy drunk! I always, always fall over and have even lost a couple of shoes too haha! Super embarrassing, but on the plus side I rarely get hangovers yay!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

    1. LOL! Looks like I'm not the only lightweight :D
      Lucky you that you don't get hangovers! I'm such a grump the next day because I feel like death.

      - Lubna x

  3. Same reasons I don't even drink at all. I hate the feeling after getting drunk..