Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Downsides To Being Beautiful

I’m sure every girl has had to deal with unwanted attention at some point in their life. It’s especially funny when it happens on the days when you’ve put zero effort into your appearance.

Can you imagine what it must feel like for those stunning girls, who turn heads wherever they go?Especially if it's constant. I would imagine it would make you feel quite uneasy and self-conscious, especially if you’re the shy and nervous type.
I know, I know. Such problems in life.

It could just be a simple case of frequently running into guys who hit-on anything that walks. But when you walk past a group of guys who suddenly go quiet and you can feel their eyes following you…it’s quite noticeable.

Then you have the guys shouting stuff out to you from their car/van window, leading to everyone within earshot staring at you. You also sometimes have to deal with death glares from girls who have caught their boyfriend having a good ole gawp at you. It’s surprising when this comes from respectable-looking guys too.

I guess it’s good to remember that looks are fleeting…so there is one inevitable cure: middle-age :P.

Might as well enjoy it and take it as a compliment while it lasts.

But it got me thinking, if someone as average-looking as me has to deal with being gawped at and perved on, imagine what drop-dead supermodel types have to deal with.

They probably struggle in other areas too, such as making friends or finding a boyfriend: a lot of guys will be too intimidated to ask a smoking-hot girl out, for fear of being rejected.
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Pretty girls can often come across as being "snooty" or "stuck-up" too.

But models or other objectively good-looking people are probably so used to being stared at, they might have a go-to neutral face that comes across as them being aloof, even though they're not actually being haughty or dismissive. It’s just their way of acting oblivious to admiring glances.

If a guy does have the balls to ask a gorgeous girl out, he’s probably a player himself or looking for a trophy girlfriend.

In terms of making friends, females may sometimes want to stay away from prettier girls because of their own insecurities (not wanting to be seen as the less-attractive of the two or, if they’re desperate, worried their friend will divert male attention away from them).

However, people do generally treat attractive, well-kept people better. Most people are usually flattered when an attractive person (who turns out to be nicer than they expected) gives them the time of day. So I think being beautiful can open a lot of doors for you, especially professionally.

This can have the side-effect of a pretty person not having much depth to them, having managed to coast through life pretty easily, thanks to their looks.

I hate to perpetuate the "pretty but dim" myth, but I’ve met some super-stunning girls who haven’t been able to offer much in terms of conversation, bless them. If you watch certain models on the runway too, some of them do have this kind of blank stare and their interviews do little to dispel the airhead stereotype.

I guess there’s a limit to how intellectually stimulating catwalks, high-heels and posing can be. Also, a lot of models begin their career quite young, therefore you can expect there to be gaps in their education.

I think that’s why certain modern beauties are considered iconic: the likes of Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Tyra Banks, for example.

Beauty AND brains. Lethal combination.

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