Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Downsides To Being Beautiful

I’m sure every girl has had to deal with unwanted attention at some point in their life. It’s especially funny when it happens on the days when you’ve put zero effort into your appearance.

Can you imagine what it must feel like for those stunning girls, who turn heads wherever they go?Especially if it's constant. I would imagine it would make you feel quite uneasy and self-conscious, especially if you’re the shy and nervous type.
I know, I know. Such problems in life.

It could just be a simple case of frequently running into guys who hit-on anything that walks. But when you walk past a group of guys who suddenly go quiet and you can feel their eyes following you…it’s quite noticeable.

Then you have the guys shouting stuff out to you from their car/van window, leading to everyone within earshot staring at you. You also sometimes have to deal with death glares from girls who have caught their boyfriend having a good ole gawp at you. It’s surprising when this comes from respectable-looking guys too.

I guess it’s good to remember that looks are fleeting…so there is one inevitable cure: middle-age :P.

Might as well enjoy it and take it as a compliment while it lasts.

But it got me thinking, if someone as average-looking as me has to deal with being gawped at and perved on, imagine what drop-dead supermodel types have to deal with.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

YouTubers and Depression

Now, we all know I love to analyse celebrity culture/behaviour, especially when they’re behaving in a peculiar way, or dealing with things that are relatable. This interest extends to my favourite YouTube personalities.

Public figures make for interesting psychological studies. So let me take this moment to admit that yes, I’m probably farrrr to invested in the lives of people I have never met.

I assure you, I'm not as far-gone as Rupert Grint’s obsessive fan character in Ed Sheerhan’s "Lego House".

Musical Ink

Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Roots of Racism

I like to think of myself as an open-minded, non-prejudiced person. This past week however, this virtuous view of myself has been challenged.

So I was back to work after a few days off, which meant going back to doing my usual commute. I’ve had some hellish commutes in the past, but my current one is ideal, lovely even: a scenic half an hour walk for an 8.30am start. At 1.5 miles each way too, it’s also good daily exercise.

However, as I’ve mentioned I’d had a few days off and when Monday morning came round, much to my chagrin, I was met with this lovely sight as I made my way to work:


A week off work and some visitors had decided to set-up camp by the local park.

It might not look so bad in the pictures, but trust me…it was. Especially first thing in the morning. The stench of dog sh*t/p*ss was overwhelming and I full-on felt like I needed a tetanus shot after I walked through it – it was like walking through a rubbish site. I don’t think the humidity helped.

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Appeal Of Made In Chelsea

As Made In Chelsea (now in its 9th season and having recently celebrated it’s 100th episode) continues to dominate UK television ratings every Monday evening, let’s take a look at just what it is about this show that manages to consistently draw in an audience. 

Twitter: Made in Chelsea
I’ll admit, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine although these days, as the scenes/storylines become increasingly staged, I watch it more out of habit and I am started to get a little bored of the show, finding it hard to stay fully engaged. I mean, there are only so many times "so-and-so-hooking-up-with-so-and-so’s-ex" can be an interesting plotline.

I was really into the storylines at one point though, but even then I was a late fan.

Prior to that, I remember my sister catching up with an episode and wondering how on earth she was so engrossed in such a slow-paced show with not much really happening; a show that was seemingly just full of awkward pauses and stilted dialogue to move the storyline along.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

If We Can't Blame Immigration, Who Can We blame?

Image credit: ClkerFreeVectorImages
The Calais migrant situation has been a recurring story on the news over the past few weeks; basically, the number of migrants looking to illegally enter the UK (via numerous cross-channel transport routes that connect Britain to France) has been high recently.

Whenever certain news outlets run a story related to the situation, it’s quite funny seeing all the outraged comments from people after they’ve read a sensationalised article.

But I find the lack of compassion in the comments section quite astounding:


That's a human being we're talking about. The majority of these migrants are seeking asylum because they’re fleeing a country where they have no basic human rights. Yet they’re being treated like pesky vermin.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Things To Do In Leeds, Yorkshire (UK)

So apparently, the 1st August is known as "Yorkshire Day" – I’m not sure how serious people are at observing this as it’s the first I’ve heard of it, but I thought I’d take a moment to appreciate my own city; a city which I’ve found myself acting like a tourist in since I moved back.

Kirkgate Market, Leeds
A lot of people travel around the world (even I’ve been to a fair few places abroad) without having explored their own backyard or having made the most of places that are on their own doorstop.

A city like Leeds is perfect to do some local exploring, especially if you’re anything like me - someone who’s grown a little wary of travelling abroad.

Leeds isn’t so big where going to local events and meeting new people is too daunting, but it’s still big enough where you can meet a wide range of people.

It's changed a lot since I last lived here - the people are generally a lot more open-minded and friendly, and looking to expand their social circle.

Which has worked out great for me in terms of meeting new people. There are also enough events going on with different things to do, or cool new places to check out which are easily accessible.