Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, Zayn Malik Style

Zayn Malik really likes his Twitter beefs, doesn't he?

Twitter: Zayn Malik
Even ex-fellow boy band member Louis Tomlinson wasn’t spared from the wrath of Malik:

Twitter: Zayn Malik

You can take the boy out of Bradford…
I like a good celeb Twitter beef, I must admit. Maybe it’s because, prior to the days of social media, there was this dignified code of silence amongst celebrities…even if they despised one another, they were careful not to bad-mouth each other in the press.

Seems smart really, you never know who you may end up working with in show business, so there’s no point burning bridges. Besides, getting a reputation for being difficult and unlikeable isn’t great in a business that relies heavily on marketing and image. 

Some infamous celeb feuds have made it to the press, however… but have they really accomplished much, apart from entertaining people?

Take the Blur vs. Oasis feud of the 90s. Blur, for the most part, kept it classy while Oasis came out with some downright offensive insults; these insults just ended up making them look like trash.

Perhaps it’s the Northern temperament lol.

But years later, we know which band are more media-friendly: Blur recently reunited, whilst the original band members of Oasis (two of them, siblings) can’t even be in the same room together.

There’s a lot to be said for maturity. Sure, creative differences arise when you work together, but it’s like any other dispute in the work place; it’s always best to keep it professional. If there’s ever a time to be a fence-sitter and keep a cool head, it’s when working relationships are involved.

If I were a celeb, I’d let my PR people control my social media accounts - it’s far too tempting to let loose on there. And once it’s done, it’s done - someone is going to screenshot that outburst and make sure you never forget it. Even after you’ve calmed down.

The worrying thing about Zayn’s tweets is that they are becoming increasingly mean-spirited. Sure, he’s still young and who hasn’t had a few childish spats when they were younger? But the personal insults are very Amanda Bynes-like. They kinda hint at some kind of inner frustration/imminent meltdown.

Happy, healthy people just don’t spout insults like that, especially not for millions of people to see. Anyone above the age of 14 who insults another person to that petty level clearly has issues.

I think Naughty Boy will have the last laugh though; Zayn Malik isn’t the only high-profile musician Naughty Boy has worked with, and he has yet to respond to the fat-shaming insult. Meanwhile, Zayn seems intent on burning as many bridges as possible. Which would be fine, but when your fame is largely dependent on hormonal teenage girls, perhaps it's best to make the most of any established industry connection you can get.

On a final note, bitchiness in a male is so unattractive.

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