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"One Conception": Louis Tomlinson's Baby Mama Drama

It's been a busy week of press coverage for both past and present members of boyband One Direction, what with Zayn Malik being embroiled in a nasty spat with former friend and collaborator Naughty Boy… as well as news that, at the ripe old age of 23, Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father.

A bleary-eyed Louis
Instagram: Louis Tomlinson 

Between the public slanging match and the baby-daddy news, it's like Jeremy Kyle for the rich and famous.

Why do I get the feeling that Simon Cowell’s mentally calculating how much longer One Direction have left, before he starts putting together another group of fresh-faced lads to assault the charts?

Kinda ironic that it was these two chaps that were caught sparking up in that video. Not that weed smoking is that much if a big deal these days…but defo an advert NOT to go off the rails, if ever there was one. Being reckless has its consequences.

Having said that, if you can’t make stupid mistakes in your younger years, then when can you?Besides, these kids are dealing with quite extraordinary circumstances. It’s unsurprising if they lose their way at times.

The problem is, these young, good-looking, rich and famous boys have women flocking at their feet. Some of them are obsessive fans. Others, your standard groupie hoes. And then there are some with a more long-term agenda. Who know exactly what they’re doing. Clearly, this Briana Jungwirth was one of those ladies.

Here is how some reacted to the news of Louis Tomlinson's impending fatherhood:

“Someone just secured their retirement at 23 years old - The old pin holes through the condom trick...and bam.... Instant millionaire lifestyle...”

“Why do these famous boys not get taught about protection!”

 Response: “It's the benefit boys/girls that should be getting that lesson! The famous ones can at least afford a kid.”

Chris Brown's baby mama + kid
Instagram: Nia Guzman
Baby mama drama has been a frequent theme amongst musicians, especially rappers: Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne…they all have kids with women they weren’t in relationships with. Heck, DMX even hit the headlines recently, having been jailed for failing to keep up with child support payments for all…wait for it… TWELVE of his children.

What I don’t understand is how, in an age where contraception is freely available, these "accidental" pregnancies are still occurring? I hate to sound so cynical but two words: meal ticket.

As idiotic as these men are for not taking the proper precautions, I do think that unfortunately, these easy, knicker-dropping types of girls have their own agenda: they see an opportunity to be set for life, and they take it. Either that, or they are extremely naive, fall hard-and-fast for a guy and will do anything to keep him.

Girls who clearly don't have much personality/morals, basically... because what kind of person wants a baby outside of a loving relationship? A kid born from a short-term relationship that’s already over - not exactly a great start for a child.

Louis Tomlinson has been falling out of numerous nightclubs lately, looking dishevelled and with a different girl each night. This behaviour, it seems, was prompted by a break up with his girlfriend of four years.

Perhaps the womanising/casual sex was Tomlinson’s way of dealing with the break up… which has now gone slightly wrong. I’m not saying his behaviour was right, but neither is being duped into an unplanned pregnancy.

You’ve got to feel a little bad for his previous girlfriend though – together for years and a few months after their break up he’s set to become a dad. However, he’s been looking and acting very sleazy since their break up, so it seems she had a lucky escape.

As for this whole illegitimate child situation, it may have been a genuine mistake…but these groupie opportunist types seem to be very common in show business. The amount of money they are awarded in child support payments is staggering, so it’s unsurprising that a lot of male celebrities are being trapped by a money-grabbing female.

Which is a real shame, because not only do women like this give the rest of us a bad name, but they also end up bringing a kid into a less-than-ideal family situation. A child deserves more than a financial father.

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