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Why People Dislike Rita Ora

Image credit: Rita Ora Instagram
Rita Ora seems to be one of those marmite celebs. Some people love her (although I doubt they’re above the age of 16), while others can’t stand her and something about her just rubs them up the wrong way.

So how did this happen? How did an artist who started off with so much potential, with a decent singing voice and amazing connections, become so hated?

I think it’s too easy to say it’s the typical media-bashing that comes as soon as someone is successful. Sure, fame inevitably attracts haters…but even rational people have a hard time taking Rita seriously.

I don’t think her antics that have attracted media attention have helped matters.

Rita Ora is apparently besties with Cara Delevingne... who is often papped with Kendall Jenner. Rita famously hooked up with (and cheated on) Jenner’s brother, Rob Kardashian.

Rita then moved on and dated Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris is now dating Taylor Swift… who is also close buds with Cara Delevingne, and even cast her in her recent video "Bad Blood".

Cara is also close friends with Rihanna, who once hooked up with A$AP Rocky. Recently, A$AP Rocky released a track dissing Rita which contained graphic details about a sexual encounter he had with her. A$AP Rocky, by the way, was in quite a long relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea…who Rita recently collaborated with on "Black Widow". 

Phew! Oh and... yuck! These celebs love their sloppy seconds, don’t they?

But my point is, Cara Delevingne is as much of a social climber as Rita Ora. One however, is generally adored by the media. The other…not so much and seems to have had multiple celebrity fallings out.

I don't mean to slut-shame, but perhaps Rita should close her legs. I mean I get it, she’s young, pretty and having a good time…but her, ahem, relations seem to be making her more enemies than friends… and are also making her seem a bit grubby.

In comparison, pop starlet Taylor Swift has also had multiple high-profile relationships, but has managed to keep it classy.

In interviews, Rita seems like a sweet bubbly girl and she does actually have quite a soulful voice…but when she talks, her points lack focus and there’s not really much substance to them. She seems to BS her way through interviews.

So, what about her music? Well, she’s had four number 1 singles, so some might assume she’s doing something right.

But her initial success occurred quite a few years ago now. Despite having not released an album in years, she has remained a constant media presence, which will naturally turn people off when they’re unsure why you’re famous.

And really, what exactly has been her contribution to music? The stuff she's released recently has been mediocre at best. Her best singles, in my opinion, have been ones she's featured on but not been a main artist. Even her most recent solo single (her first in years) "I Will Never Let You Down" I'm sure only went to number one because her then-boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris produced the track. And that wasn't an amazing song either.

Rita’s personal relationships and music aside, she also seems to have had one media mishap after the next. Her acrimonious split with Calvin meant she was banned from singing their hit at award shows that she was scheduled to perform at. Then there was her much-hyped appearance in Fifty Shades of Grey…most of which ended up on the cutting-room floor. And of-course, there was her epic Twitter promo fail.

Even her look, which has been compared to Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, is nothing new or original; she doesn’t seem to fill a niche that isn’t already catered for.

Sure, she has a nice voice but these types of singers are a dime a dozen these days and none of her songs are particularly memorable that will stand the test of time.
Image credit: Iggy Azalea Instagram

I do feel bad for these young artists though; the media picks up on the widespread hate for them and feeds it, making them easy targets. Iggy Azalea also seems to get bullied in the media, and I think the constant abuse she’s received about her looks might explain her increasingly surgically-enhanced features.

Perhaps because they are both young females, they are targeted in a society that likes to belittle women. I mean, look at the likes of Britney Spears, Madonna, Miley Cyrus etc who have all, at one time or another, been picked-on and ripped to shreds by the media.

Biased media portrayal might be the case here, but I don’t think these artists help themselves with their limited talent and ridiculous public antics.

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