Monday, 18 May 2015

Has Taylor Swift Found Love With Calvin Harris?

See what I did there?

Here, the genetically blessed couple put on a loved-up display at the Billboard Music Awards.

You’ve gotta hand it to Taylor Swift, the way she only messes with fine ass men (and incidentally, my celeb crushes - first Jake Gyllenhaal, now Calvin Harris... it's ok Taylor, just kill my fantasy. It's fine).

Taylor, as we all know, has been liked to a few high-profile men with whom she has had short-lived romances with, and has now built up a reputation of going out with famous men…and then writing songs about them when the relationship goes kaput (although cleverly, leaving out names but dropping hints about who she might be talking about, to keep all us saddos with an appetite for celeb culture guessing).

I think that’s a little unfair, though. After all, she’s human…she’s going to experience the same relationship hit and misses we all do as part of growing up. Being a rich, famous popstar kinda limits her options too, so is it any wonder that she’s found herself dating men from the entertainment field? Because not only would they understand what it’s like to be famous, but these are the types of guys she meets and interacts with from living the popstar lifestyle.

The problem with that though is your relationship becoming tabloid fodder, with each stage well documented. And when you start to build up a list of celeb exes, the tabloids love you even more because it’s drama, drama, drama. 

But again, why is Taylor being targeted? Celebs all seem to be dating one another…if you look at the guestlist for award shows, there are numerous ex-couples who once hooked up and are now awkwardly trying to avoid each other.

Perhaps they should all just put their keys in a bowl and get it over with.

Regardless, I think Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris could be a perfect match: both kinda look alike with similar features and have that whole hot-but-geeky down to earth appeal. Plus, both are rather uptight about how their music is available on the internet (if you try to use a Calvin Harris track in a YouTube video, it will be very swiftly blocked...meanwhile, Taylor's falling-out with Spotify has been well-publicised).

Edit: after publishing this, Taylor hit the headlines again for refusing to allow her music to be streamed by Apple Music unless she was properly compensated. Apple backed down and Calvin applauded her success in getting Apple to do a U-turn with this very cute tweet:


But back to the original point, both have also experienced failed relationships in the past where they tried to make love work… unfortunately, they tried with fellow "musicians" with whore-ish reputations, whose celebrity status seems fleeting (Rita Ora and Harry Styles, who also attended the Billboard Awards by the way and no doubt caught the affectionate display between Taylor and Calvin).

Taylor and Calvin have been in the industry for years, however, and have a lot more creative control over their music. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but they're popular in the charts and are able to sell out tours (as solo artists) with a catalogue of hits. Their careers seem to have more longevity.

The thing is though, Calvin Harris seems far too up himself these days. Besides, an interview he did a few months ago on Capital FM is circulating, where he bluntly stated Taylor Swift wasn’t really his type:

Awks. Life sure makes us eat our words, hey?

I don't know if Rita Ora just really did a number on him, or this has happened due to his fame increasing, but he seems like a bit of a player these days. I also remember writing about both Calvin Harris and Big Sean slamming their exes in their media, and wondering how their new squeezes felt about it - I mean, it doesn’t make a guy look too great if he’s still bitter towards his ex and being a jerk.

Big Sean’s relationship with Ariana Grande has now ended, and Calvin Harris dumped Aarika Wolf before Swiftly moving on to Taylor.

Now, I point this out because in Taylor's case people have summarised that "she can't keep a man". However, Calvin also seems to be going through them, so it just goes to show that men are just as incapable of maintaining relationships as women.

But hey, this is all speculation. Perhaps they suit a lot better than the people they have both been with in the past. It’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Gosh, I sound like Wendy Williams.

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