Friday, 15 May 2015

Quick Hay Fever Remedy

A lot of us, especially those from an ethnic background, have that one go-to product that we use for a number of ailments.
Image credit: meineresterampe

For Bengalis in general, it’s Vicks. Or "faracetomol". In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it was Windex.

For me, it’s...VASELINE!

Perhaps it’s psychosomatic/the placebo effect, but these products have seemingly magical powers with their healing properties and multiple uses, and there’s a certain comfort that comes from reaching for them when required.

I use Vaseline for a number of things (no not THAT, for those with their minds in the gutter), mainly for dry lips, to seal cuts and as a general moisturiser. I’ve also learnt it’s handy for quick eye make-up touches (with a cotton bud) if, for example, your eyeliner goes wrong or needs tidying up.

But a couple of  days ago, I had the TV on while I was getting ready for work, and as the weather becomes more pleasant, this particular early morning breakfast show decided to do a segment on hay fever remedies. Imagine my surprise when they outlined this particular old wives’ remedy:

"Rub petroleum jelly inside your nose to prevent pollen from entering your nasal passages".

And imagine my surprise when it actually worked. I’m usually reaching for the tissues as soon as the sun rises. I went a day without doing it and sure enough, hay fever struck.

I’ve wasted money on tablets like Piriteze which haven’t worked, meanwhile my trusty Vaseline pot (well, the industrial-sized knock-off Poundland version anyway) saves the day again.

I told a colleague at work about it and she was aware of it as a remedy, and even suggested using a cotton bud to apply which is obviously a more hygienic method than digging into your nose. I’m really clumsy though and am likely to accidentally give myself a nosebleed if I try that.

Well, with trusty Vaseline at hand, at least it'd heal quicker :D.


  1. That's so interesting! I'll be doing this all throughout summer, thanks for the post :)

    1. No probs, hope it helps! Thanks for dropping by :)

      - Lubna