Sunday, 26 April 2015

Why Kim Kardashian Divorced Kris Humphries

So back in 2011, Kim Kardashian was the subject of tabloid ridicule when her much-publicised marriage ended after just 72 days.

It led to accusations of a publicity stunt and a ploy for ratings, with many doubting the authenticity of the union in the first place. Even the groom, completely blindsided by the entire thing, prolonged the divorce proceedings wanting an annulment instead.

Since the whole spectacle, Kim Kardashian has now moved onto a relationship with Kanye West, with whom she has a daughter. Kris Humphries has slowly drifted back into obscurity.

He has obviously been keeping up with the Kardarshian’s antics (ok, I didn’t even plan that) however, and more recently stepfather Bruce Jenner has shocked us all with the announcement that, after years of gender confusion, he has decided to transition into a woman.

This was Kris Humphries take on the news:


As I write this, he has now backtracked on his earlier mean tweet:

He's obviously now in damage-control mode. But there’s just no way to come back from such an insensitive comment like that. You start to perhaps see why Kimmie decided not to spend the rest of her life with such a spiteful, immature jerk. I mean realistically, how successful is a marriage with a narrow minded, oafish guy with the sensitivity of a peanut going to be? Especially if you have a dysfunctional family with on-going issues – your spouse is supposed to be someone you can rely on for support, not judgement.

Sure, there are many faults with the Kardashian family, which are well-documented in their show and in the news. Despite their attempts to gloss over many issues on the show (as the family try to protect their now multi-million dollar brand), it’s hard to ignore how some members of the family haven’t been faring too well from the increased exposure, especially the men:

- One is now a recluse, suffering from depression, battling with his weight and who knows what else.
- Another is a functioning alcoholic.
- The third, a drug-addicted basketball player who cheated on his wife.
- And now Bruce, coming out as transgender.

So, for argument’s sake, you can sort-of see where Kris Humphries is coming from.

I guess people are entitled to their own opinion and as insensitive as the comment was, you can understand his relief especially after taking a closer look at the Kardashian men. Also, let’s not forget, Kim initiated the divorce not him, so if this helps him feel better about being discarded then more power to him.

But regardless, some things are best thought but not said (said the blogger), especially if your opinion implies your derision for serious topics such as sexuality, gender confusion, depression, suicide etc – topics that are probably best dealt with delicately, in the interest of being a decent person.

Besides, it’s unfair to hold the Kardashian women responsible for these men's personal struggles - perhaps they just attract damaged men. As odd as it is that a lot of these problems have occurred AFTER the men became involved with the Kardashian women, stuff like this tends to be deep-rooted and ultimately, we're only responsible for the choices WE make.

The whole thing just reminds me of an insensitive guy that I was once seeing. I too don’t have the best relationship with my family and we have our ups and downs, but I was unable to really talk to this guy about any of it. He wasn’t someone I could vent to about that, or anything else really, because I knew he just didn’t have the capacity to sympathise or understand… or even just LISTEN. Knowing how judgemental he was, I felt I was unable to confide in him.

So in essence that relationship was doomed. People who end up making you feel worse when certain situations arise aren’t really people you can form long term relationships with.

On the flip side, I had an encounter with a guy I met shortly after who for some reason, I just found really easy to talk to. Within one day of meeting him, he knew more about me and my family than a guy I was involved with for years. So it just goes to show, some people you just click with more so than others. Perhaps it’s a maturity thing. 

Kim and Kanye are frequently mocked in the media, not least for their questionable fashion choices and various other absurd antics. I have my opinions about this couple, but theirs does seem like a genuine relationship: he might be her third husband, yet she frequently describes him as her "best friend". As much as a douche Kanye West is, I think Kim has had a hand at humbling him… meanwhile, I think Kanye has taken a little of the airhead outta Kim.

In comparison, you start to understand why Kim was so hasty in ending her marriage with Kris; he was frequently portrayed as being selfish and insensitive on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And while parts of the show are clearly constructed, we’ve just seen an example of his crass comments. Imagine spending the rest of your life with someone as tactless as that.


  1. VERY well written Lubna. And true to form with regards to the men in the Kardashian life. How ironic that men are becoming 'less than the women' with regards to the power play (especially with this Fifty Shades movie). I give the mom credit for empowering the women with their brand but sadly at the expense of giving them a shallow love life. Not a fan of Kim (she now seems robotic in her relationship) but to each his own.
    And yes, you stated it perfectly, Kris is an idiot and I love that he did try to back-track his comment.

    1. Hi Laura, thanks a lot for the lovely comment. You hit the nail on the head in regards to the Kardashian's shallow love lives...I think disruptive childhoods and absentee parents (in the physical or emotional sense) do affect your kids ability to form healthy relationships in later adult life.
      The Kardashians certainly do make for an interesting psychological study lol though I wish I wasn't quite so interested in celeb gossip :-/
      PS I'm trying to find your blog URL via BlogLovin but my friends list doesn't seem to be loading...feel free to drop your blog URL, I'd love to catch up with some of your (and your sister's) posts :)
      - Lubna x

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    1. Hi thanks very much :)
      Will be sure to check out your blog too
      - Lubna x