Sunday, 5 April 2015

Why Do So Many People Care More About Animals Than People?

I’m honestly sick to death of seeing things like this:


Yes, it is "really awful" for you to compare the suffering of an animal to that of a human being, showing indifference towards the latter (Comic Relief by the way, for my non-UK readers, is an annual televised charity event focusing on the plight of Africa).

Not that animals deserve to be neglected or treated cruelly. It’s sickening to hurt a poor, defenceless animal for no other reason but unadulterated cruelty. But comments like this, which show a blatant disregard for human life in comparison, really grinds my gears.

We seem to live in a society which has a warped sense of values. At lease this idiot can acknowledge there's something not quite right with this scenario.

It even happened with a favourite YouTuber of mine, Emily Hartidge:

Wow. So now the elderly are lower on the food chain than your pet dog. Poor grannies, can’t catch a break.

Says a lot about British society really. I recall a sketch on comedy show Goodness Gracious Me showing a stereotypical English family, where a character comments on how they care more about their dog than they do of their elderly parents. The character then proceeds to put out a cigarette on old grandpa’s head. 

Charities like Age Concern highlight the forgotten elderly in this country, and it is honestly just so heart-breaking when you hear stories about the elderly who often go weeks or months without speaking to another soul.

It’s not just me who’s noticed people are more sympathetic towards animals than humans: beggars and panhandlers in my town centre have picked up on the nation’s love for dogs, and now a lot of them have a dog, as well as a money collection pot, beside them. Yesterday, I even had a guy come up to me asking for cash, but decided to put an interesting spin on his sob story (obviously a scam) by asking for money so he could buy dog food.

And here it is again:

I understand people get passionate about certain causes that they support. But it’s always the hardcore animal rights activists who are the most violent, especially towards other HUMAN BEINGS. How is that logical? If you want people to show kindness to other creatures, practice what you preach especially towards your own species.

The problem is, due to a lot of crazy crimes that hit the headlines, and with society becoming increasingly retarded in the emotional/socialising sense thanks to things like the internet and social media, people are becoming desensitized to the many reports of human suffering. They’re very distrustful of each other, so where there was once a sense of community, there’s now suspicion. 

Perhaps that’s why animals are held in such high esteem: it’s easier to form closer bonds with pets than other people.

Maybe these personal examples I’ve seen of people-caring-more-about-animals-than-humans piss me off so much because it subtly indicates two issues in British society: ageism and racism.

There are frequent reports of the abuse of the elderly in the news, not to mention people don’t really seem to care all that much about what’s going on in other parts of the world. I’ve noticed that harrowing stories from certain parts of the world (Africa, South Asia and the Middle East) are likely to elicit less of a sympathetic response than say, stories from Southeast Asia.

With growing intolerance in the UK, evidenced by the popularity of political parties like UKIP, English people are seemingly reverting back to their old prejudices.

I admit, certain ethnic minorities perhaps don’t do themselves any favours when they are involved in unsettling crimes that receive a lot of media attention. But when did we start to devalue human life so much? And more importantly, when did placing human life below that of animals become readily acceptable? Why am I the only one troubled by this?

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