Thursday, 19 March 2015

Signs He Feels Guilty For Cheating

Since the dawn of time men have had their philandering way. When you add into the equation a handsome man who is young, rich and famous…well, hardly anyone is surprised when an individual like this is unable to remain faithful.

The One Direction boy band member is, of course, responding to the following images that are circulating on social media, which seem to indicate he’s been stepping out on his fiance Perrie Edwards, of X Factor/Little Mix fame:

Firstly, did anyone actually think he would have stayed (or has ever been) faithful to her? I wouldn't trust any guy in a band, when they always have women throwing themselves at them. Plus, he’s young, good-looking…and a Pakistani boy from Bradford :P (listen, I live up North and Bradford is very much like Southall in London i.e. pervert central).

"I'm 22 years old" - is that an admission of guilt? Lol I love how he starts with his age, as if that's an excuse.

"It's not what it looks like!" - Of course not... it never is *smirking face*.

He must have been high if he thought he wouldn't get caught after posing for pix like that. And why is that when these men get caught with their pants down, it’s never with a prettier girl than the one they already have?

So, what can we learn from these multiple reports of straying in showbiz news/relationships, or from "reality" TV programmes, where cheating makes up 99% of the storylines?

Well, here are some common signs he’s suffering from a guilty conscience:

1) He suddenly showers you with gifts.

2) He suddenly showers you with affection/"I love yous" etc.

3) He suddenly fast-tracks plans for commitment, when he was previously reluctant (that can be anything from exclusivity to marriage, moving in etc.)

They’re basically trying to sweeten you up, so you find it harder to walk away. Of course, this new committed attitude is usually temporary: I'd be very surprised if Zayn and Perrie actually make it down the aisle.

I swear, men are like magpies... so easily distracted by the next shiny/pretty thing.

That would make a good book title :D

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