Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Life Of An Online Blogger/Marketer

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When you start running Google Adverts on your site (which is now a very strict, regulated process - most get rejected unless Google are sure you're serious about it), that’s the moment where blogging goes from "hobby" to "profession".

Sure, it may take a while before it’s lucrative (if it ever is). But when you’re on the same affiliate network as major internet stars that are making a killing, you see the potential there. And it’s encouraging when all this is happening when you only bought your domain name four months ago.

One post in particular is driving a lot of traffic to my website, and it’s especially encouraging to see your hard work pay off (with little bit of luck too - you can never really tell which blog posts are going to connect with an audience).

Now, I love blogging and writing and even uploading the content onto the website; to me, it’s the enjoyable part. What I don’t really enjoy is the social media side of it to promote the blog.

Anyone who knows me knows I prefer to stay away from excessive social media use. But hey, it’s free advertising and you can’t argue with the stats that show a noticeable spike in traffic every time you engage and post online.

Setting up and juggling multiple social media pages, solely for the purpose of marketing, learning how to use them effectively and updating them regularly takes a lot of time and can be quite exhausting, however.

Now, that may not sound like work to some, but it is if you're not social media's biggest fan. I honestly don’t know how people with full-time jobs + relationships + active social lives + family commitments manage to update their multiple personal social media pages regularly. And do so... for fun.

So this is what my days typically looks like:

- Get up and get ready. 
- Start online marketing stuff - scour the internet for articles, news stories to share or comment on the following: Twitter/Google+/StumbleUpon.
- Interact with other bloggers - find other blogs to follow and comment on.
- Write a blog post + proofread + publish + image source and credit.
- Share articles on social media.

While I’m getting good traffic for a relatively new site (let’s hope it continues), I need way more to be making good money off the advertising revenue, so I also do temp work on the side to prevent cashflow problems.

When I’m temping, that schedule goes out of the window, depending on the job’s hours (full/part time) and commute (a long, knackering commute seriously affects the quality of my writing, not to mention leaves less time for blogging/online marketing).

In some ways I prefer it when I’m working, as when my day is being taken up by work, I only really focus on writing and publishing content (the part that I enjoy) to ensure I’m sticking to my posting schedule, as that’s all I really have time for.

Otherwise, I can get so engrossed in doing work for my website, researching new ways to promote my blog and putting it into practice, that it’s hard to switch off and have some leisurely time.

So, if I turn down an opportunity to socialise, and generally disappear from the world for a few days, this is what I mean when I say I’m "working" :D.

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