Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Ballad of Katy Perry and Russell Brand

There was already a lot of media attention focused on Katy Perry, who was headlining the halftime show for the much-loved/hyped Super Bowl game. So she probably didn’t need the additional media interest that came when ex-husband Russell Brand tweeted the following:


It seems even celebs can’t resist reaching out to an ex occasionally, especially on social media.

I can’t believe the social media activity of celebrities is newsworthy these days…even I’m analysing it. But hey, it caters to my appetite for celeb culture.

On the face of it, it seems innocent enough, civil even. He wished somebody he once loved good luck…what’s the harm in that? He didn't even tweet to her directly either, like some of her other seemingly more-friendly exes.

Katy Perry has yet to acknowledge the tweet, although she has been active on the micro-blogging site, leading to reports that the megastar was less-than-impressed with the gesture.

If that’s true, can anyone really blame her? To be fair, I would wonder why he was tweeting support, despite not speaking to her after their bitter split. Katy Perry has been very frank in interviews about the way Brand ended their marriage: via text, while she was away on tour, and then proceeding to never see or speak to her again.

Pretty brutal way to end things. I mean, she does have questionable taste in men, choosing to date guys with womanising reputations. But anyone who has seen her concert film documenting her world tour will have witnessed how utterly heartbroken he left her.

I’ve been dumped harshly before, and while there is no nice way to end a relationship, this particular douche was all over me when I last saw him... only for me to get home to see a text from him saying he had changed his mind. This happened to occur when I was in the midst of dealing with job/friend/housing/family issues.

So when he reached out months later (to send birthday wishes), at a time when I was over it, happy again and in a much better place in my life, I didn’t really appreciate the "gesture" either.

But I guess there’s a lesson here for us all: the best revenge for anyone who has suffered heartbreak is success. If the person that disrespected you witnesses these accomplishments and then resurfaces, it’s not even worth responding to. If people only want to be around during the good times or worse, are a cause of/contribute to hard times, well…we all know where they can stick those well-wishes.

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