Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Why Women Shouldn’t Chase Men

It’s already been well observed that women’s position in society is evolving, what with women now becoming more independent and career-driven. The shift of gender roles in relationships has also been observed.

CC image courtesy of frankieleon on Flickr
I’m all for equality and all that, but when it comes to dating I have my limits, for the simple fact that there are things that we as women simply cannot get away with doing, that a male can, without looking desperate.

For example, frequently initiate contact with a guy - you will most likely scare him off by coming on too strong. A guy doing the same however, he’s just showing his interest, which more often than not is welcomed by women.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Friends Who Text…But Not Much Else

We all have those flaky friends. You know the type: the ones that never follow through on plans, emphasising how busy they are.

Sure, we can all be flaky at times, when life just sometimes gets the better of us. But if someone’s flaking on you a lot, over a prolonged period of time, it’s time to decide if you still need that person in your life or not. I mean, it’s not really much of a friendship anyway, is it?

What’s maddening is that it’s these same people that will post, text and tweet all day… yet struggle to find the time to hang out (but believe me, when it comes to finding the time to run around the country to meet up with boys, suddenly they have all the time in the world. More on that later).

Now, if folks wanna live their life like that, that’s their business not mine. But it becomes my business when they become intent on maintaining this digital friendship by stalking me out on social media sites, or by pestering me all day on instant messaging apps.

I get it, if distance is an issue this is a great way to keep in touch. But if one party is constantly suggesting plans to meet up, and is willing to put the effort in to put these plans into fruition, yet you aren’t interested, then why continue to initiate contact and show an interest in their life?

A relatable Yahoo! Answers entry 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Are You Being E-maintained?

Oh, there it is. I've been expecting you (a message from those guys that like to contact you randomly). I must be psychic  *yawns*.

CC image courtesy of Melina Sampaio Manfrinatti on Flickr
We’ve all been there: you meet a guy that you spark with, exchange details, you wait patiently to hear from him... and you’re still waiting.

You’re left wondering, was it me? Did I show enough interest? Or was he just not interested enough? Maybe he had a girlfriend. Married? Gay? Abducted by aliens?

The thing is these days, with multiple methods of communicating, the Disappearing Act is then followed by Act Two: The Reappearance.