Friday, 21 November 2014

Are You Treated Better When You Put More Effort Into Your Appearance?

So, it took slyly being followed around the supermarket by a security guard to confirm that: 1) perhaps I was looking a little scruffy today and 2) appearances really do matter.

Like anyone, I have my rough-looking days (usually when all I’m doing is running errands locally), and days where I don’t look as shabby. For example, some days I look like this:

Exhibit A: Scary/Rough
And on other days I look like this:

Exhibit B
Now I’m not trying to imply that I’m a beauty queen or anything, but I find it funny the way I’m treated differently when I look more presentable and like the person in the second picture.

Shallow much?

I notice I'm more easily dismissed, bumped into by people with no apology or treated like I’m about to shoplift when I’m having a rough-looking day. It's the difference between cars slowing down and waiting to let you cross in peace... or beeping at you impatiently, almost running you over, if you're fashioning a more casual look that day.

These types of experiences are a stark comparison to the days when I decide to tart up which will, for example, see men not only eyeing me up but being more chivalrous e.g. offering to help if I happen to have heavy bags or a suitcase. Other people are generally a lot nicer too.

The having-a-supermarket-security-guard-act-like-your-shadow incident happened on the same day that I was eyed up by the receptionist at the local dentist, who asked me to pay upfront (and not in the most tactful manner either) the day I booked my appointment... a whole week before my ACTUAL appointment. She obviously thought I was planning to skip out once I had my check up.

Well hey bitch, if you’re going to judge me, I’ll return the favour: HD tattooed eyebrows have never looked good on anyone.

Fair enough, if someone is dressed sloppily, you are going to make a snap judgement. Plus, if you work in customer service I can imagine it's hard to maintain a bubbly and friendly persona all the time. But even once you get talking to these people, they still treat you like dirt. I’m not being conceited, but I know I come across as a friendly and well-spoken person. Yet these narrow-minded individuals can’t look past the initial judgement they’ve made of you, that’s based entirely on how you look.

It bugs me, not because I care what people think about how I look (although compliments are always nice), but because these people think it’s okay to treat people less kindly/respectfully, when the only offensive thing that person has done is not dress up on that particular day.



  1. This statement is so true. It might be because people associate the scruffy and grungy look with dirty. I'm guilty to having a biased opinion of when I see people in pajamas in public, although I don't treat them differently.

    Kind regards,

  2. I couldn't agree with this more! People make judgements purely on the fact I decided not to get dressed up to the nines

  3. Hiya,

    You linked me this on my post about a bad makeup counter experience, I'm so glad you did - this is exactly how I feel all of the time! People are so rude to me in on my dressed down days in comparison with how I'm treated when I'm all made up, it really is a bit of a disgrace to be honest.

    Side note: I think you look lovely in both pictures

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Aw thanks beaut! And it definitely is noticeable how different people treat you on the days you don’t dress up as much. It’s a shame people are so fickle, but I’m glad others can relate and have noticed it too...

      Thanks for dropping by and I'm looking forward to keeping up with more of your blog posts :)

      - Lubna x