Saturday, 15 November 2014

Breaking Up Like Big Sean

Ahh the rainbow of emotions one can feel after a break up, especially if you're Big Sean (if his new song is anything to go by).

Please see the Vine I created especially:

Let me explain. As the official video for "I Don't F*** With You" drops, let’s reflect on how Big Sean has gone all Tay Swift, slamming an ex through song form. Or perhaps he’s been taking tips off recent collaborator Calvin Harris on how to prolong breakup bitterness.

The music video to accompany this particular diss track basically features Big Sean playing the role of a quarterback. This has led to us all coming to the very obvious conclusion that both the song and it’s music video is aimed at Sean’s ex Naya Rivera, who plays a cheerleader in her claim-to-fame role in Glee. Naya Rivera’s public Instagram page is also guilty of the flaunting of a new relationship the song lyrics make a reference to.
I can’t usually condone these asshole hate anthems that are blatantly disrespectful to women...but it's a catchy tune and there does seem to be a lot of relatable situations outlined in the song. Plus, he redeems himself in the final verse. So let’s try to view this from Big Sean’s perspective.

Firstly, here's the narrative of what actually happened: the two were in a highly publicised volatile relationship, which led to an engagement. After reports of the couple being on/off and trying couples counselling, the rapper broke off the engagement. Cue indirect social media digs to hit the headlines; Naya Rivera accused the rapper of stealing (although later deleted the Tweets). Around three months after the couple split, Naya Rivera got married, and wasn’t shy about making this known via social media.

I guess post breakup we can all be susceptible to acting like we’ve moved on and flaunting how fabulous we’re now doing via social media, especially if you’re the dumpee. Show ‘em what they’re missing, kinda thing. I guess this song is Big Sean’s retaliation.

I’ll admit, even I’ve done the whole using social media to brag about how great you’re doing. Not necessarily solely aimed at exes either, but also crap friends and other haters. But this song has sort of made me aware of how transparent this behaviour is.

The thing is, I know that ex loves/ex friends still continue to check out my social media profiles. And it makes you think… Big Sean claims to not care in the song, yet he’s still noticing her social media activity, enough to be provoked.

Like Calvin Harris, Big Sean is now seeing someone else (pop songstress Ariana Grande)… you’ve gotta wonder how the new ladies in their lives feel that the guys they’re seeing are still bothered/curious enough to check up on their exes, and then hearing them being so derogatory about them.

In the last verse of the song, Big Sean does become all reflective about the nature of break ups, moving on, wishing your ex well etc. I guess if you are constantly being goaded on social media by your ex, it’s hard to always take the high-road and not retaliate. Especially if your talent is rapping and so by default, you draw on personal experiences to keep it real.

As for Naya Rivera, she more recently hit the headlines for negatively commenting on Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover. Naya Rivera isn’t the only person to be reacting negatively to Kim K’s ridiculously trashy posterior shot, but when you take into account the fact that Kanye West part-produced “I Don’t Fuck With You”, and features in the music video, you can perhaps understand why she’s a-hatin’. But it just verifies that she engages in this kind of childish social media beef type of behaviour.

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