Thursday, 27 November 2014

How To Deal With Depression When Nothing Else Works

storm-clouds-depressionSo you’ve tried antidepressants. You’ve tried "talking" therapy. They’re not working, or they’re hit and miss. The things that are contributing to your depression aren’t improving either, and in order to have the energy to fix them you need to conquer your depression first.

Sound familiar?

If so, I’m hoping that a few of my personal tips (having dealt with similar issues) can be of help.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Are You Treated Better When You Put More Effort Into Your Appearance?

So, it took slyly being followed around the supermarket by a security guard to confirm that: 1) perhaps I was looking a little scruffy today and 2) appearances really do matter.

Like anyone, I have my rough-looking days (usually when all I’m doing is running errands locally), and days where I don’t look as shabby. For example, some days I look like this:

Exhibit A: Scary/Rough
And on other days I look like this:

Exhibit B
Now I’m not trying to imply that I’m a beauty queen or anything, but I find it funny the way I’m treated differently when I look more presentable and like the person in the second picture.

Shallow much?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What The Hell Happened To Zayn Malik?

I’ve never been much of a fan of One Direction being, ya’know, over the age of 14, as well as always slightly resenting the fact that these pretty boys and their mediocre music would clean up at award ceremonies, in favour of actually critically acclaimed artists, due to popular vote courtesy of their obsessive teen-girl fanbase.

As the saying goes don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

In fairness to the band, they always come across as nice, down-to-earth lads in interviews, who treat their fans well. It must be hard to take their ridiculously loyal and obsessed fans seriously (it’s actually hilarious when you see some of their protective fans’ comments online)…though I guess not so hard if collectively, these fans are making you a millionaire.

But at least they used to look pretty smart/swagged out.

One Direction: the skinniest legs in show business
CC image courtesy of El Hormiguero on Flickr

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Breaking Up Like Big Sean

Ahh the rainbow of emotions one can feel after a break up, especially if you're Big Sean (if his new song is anything to go by).

Please see the Vine I created especially:

Let me explain. As the official video for "I Don't F*** With You" drops, let’s reflect on how Big Sean has gone all Tay Swift, slamming an ex through song form. Or perhaps he’s been taking tips off recent collaborator Calvin Harris on how to prolong breakup bitterness.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Calvin Harris Bitches About Rita Ora (Again)

Crikey! It seems that not only is Rita Ora leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her, but also associated health problems!

It’s been reported that Calvin Harris had to bow out of this year’s EMA awards in Glasgow due to "heart problems". A couple of days later an interview with the superstar DJ surfaces, with some not-so-flattering comments about his ex-girlfriend.

Now, I’m not saying the two are inextricably linked, but this girl does seem to leave her exes worse for wear. Just look at poor Rob Kardashian.

Monday, 10 November 2014

How To Replace Your Eyelash Curlers

Often when you buy eyelash curlers, they come with spare rubber inserts once the rubber part on the clamp has worn-out. I’m talking about your standard generic eyelash curlers, which have always done the job for me.

Sometimes the replacement rubber inserts are included in the packet. But recently, I bought a new pair of eyelash curlers and I couldn’t find the spare inserts. I then realised they were clipped onto the eyelash curlers:

Thursday, 6 November 2014

WhatsApp Update Reveals If Message Has Been Read

Oh for god’s sake, why is social media so keen to stalk out its users?? Now I have to be kind and reply asap and I no longer have the privacy of ignoring someone.

I blame Facebook, which bought out and took over the app earlier this year. Since we all know how Facebook likes to infringe on its users' privacy, and encourages us to do the same when it rolls out a new feature, this is hardly surprising.

Sure, WhatsApp has always had its "last seen" feature, but this added blue tick nonsense just confirms to needy people that you’re ignoring them. I swear they’re purposely trying to cause problems in people’s friendships/relationships. Sh*t stirring much?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Juicing vs. Blending vs. Nutribullet

No-one can debate the health benefits of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.
Personally, if I go a few days without eating any fruit or veg I can definitely see the effect is has on my skin and health, so the health and nutritional benefits from our five-a-day are hard to dispute.

blender-green-smoothieAs well as vitamins and minerals, fruit is also a good source of fibre (providing the fruit is ripe) which is where it gets a bit complicated. But understanding the difference between soluble and insoluble fibre (more detail about that later) is crucial when deciding which fruits and veggies to consume, especially if you decide to vary it up by blitzing up your fruits and veggies.

With our busy lifestyles, it’s hard to prepare and eat fruits and veggies all the time. Plus, certain fruits are high in acid and sugars, which is a pain if you have sensitive teeth. Not to mention, eating the same bits of fruit and veg everyday can be boring and uninspiring.

As such, juicing and blending has become popular – you’re not only able to mix up a bunch of fruits or vegetables to give you variation, but they can be consumed quickly and on the go too. All the prep is done beforehand, so no peeling or chopping is required if you’re consuming a piece of fruit or veg that’s quite messy.