Sunday, 24 July 2016

H&M "Rewear It" Campaign – World Recycle Week

There was a recent ad campaign launched by high street retailer H&M (I say recent, it actual ran back in April so I guess I’m a little late to the party), and this snippet/teaser in particular really caught my attention:

It ran during World Recycle Week to encourage shoppers to donate unwanted clothes. In return, they were rewarded with a voucher to use on goods in-store.

The ad itself is dope: everything from the visuals to the beat, lyrics, choreography and timing is cool and cutting edge and it really grabs your attention. There’s so many layers to the visuals, for example the circular movements in the choreography to reflect the cyclical nature and lifespan of reusable goods.

However, many viewers of the ad were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the campaign, namely the way H&M is a clothing outlet that is the epitome of fast-fashion; the clothing items produced aren’t made to last or have a long shelf life, and consumers are constantly encouraged to keep up with the latest fashion trends. One could argue that H&M is therefore contributing to the waste issue on a very large scale. It definitely does seem like a bit of an oversight from a PR/Marketing standpoint.

It makes you question why exactly H&M would run such a campaign that would leave them open to all sorts of obvious criticism?

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Annoying People: Should You Call Them Out Or Just Let It Slide?

Over the past few years after some major ups and downs, I decided I wasn’t even going to bother confront people about their sh*t behaviour anymore, because it proved to be a pointless exercise. All it ever really did was just create more drama.

Realistically, people in general are never going to react well when you’re pointing out their flaws. So why bother? You just end up looking argumentative or like a nitpicking a**hole, and most of the time you’re going to end up dealing with someone who is defensive, in denial or is so offended that you called them out on their behaviour, they’re going to fall out with you and never speak to you again anyway.
Image credit: mattysimpson
So from then on, whenever someone was bugging me, whether that was a friend or someone I’m dating, if an issue arose and the subsequent conversation was going nowhere, I would simply distance myself from them and the situation. Far better to walk away without all the drama.

It wasn’t a difficult thing to implement because I’ve generally been keeping people at arm’s length these days anyway.

'My apartment is the only place that I feel safe right now. I have food. I have alcohol. I have 600 channels. And none of them want to hurt me.'  (The Mindy Project)

Recently however, things took a different turn.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Why A Beach Holiday Is Good For You

I came back from a holiday recently, my first overseas break in three years and I think because I hadn’t holidayed in a while I definitely appreciated the getaway a lot more.

A snap from my recent holiday 
Not that there’s anything wrong with going abroad multiple times a year. In fact, I used to be that type of person, a frequent flyer and I even went travelling around Southeast Asia. I had this thirst to see the world and I was fascinated to see how other people lived in different parts of the world.

But then all of a sudden, my interest in travelling dwindled. Perhaps it was the shock of realising just how much money I had spent on holidays, which is money that could have been put to more practical use.

Or perhaps it was the difficulty in getting people to commit to a holiday. Also, speaking to other people, it seems everyone gets on each other’s nerves on holiday – no matter how close you are, being cooped up with someone 24/7 is bound to lead to some issues so maybe this is what put me off.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Comment Of The Day #8

Model Xenia Deli, whose most notable role includes starring in the Justin Bieber video for "What Do You Mean?" (which has been viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube), hit the headlines recently after marrying a 62-year-old Egyptian businessman (at the ripe old age of 26).

[Read the original article here: "Justin Bieber's former flame Xenia Deli, 26, marries Egyptian businessman, 62, in a lavish wedding" - Daily Mail, 24/06/2016]

I guess in this case, the dollar-signs-in-the-eyes is a more fitting emoji than the eye hearts.

To quote Lady Gaga:

"That’s M-O-N-E-Y, so sexy…aye"

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Modern Day Dating Dilemmas

Boy Meets Girl.
Image credit: kpgolfpro
Boy Likes Girl.
Girl Likes Boy.
They become boyfriend/girlfriend.
And they lived happily ever after.

Remember when relationships used to be simple? Back when there was little game-playing and indecisiveness in taking the plunge?

Yeah neither do I.

Dating is far too complicated these days - more complicated than it probably needs to be really. Imagine how many potential relationships could have flourished without so many modern day distractions?

Maybe I’m just viewing the past with rose-tinted glasses. Perhaps people back then had just as much trouble finding "The One" as people do now.

But it doesn’t seem that way. I work with a more mature workforce and the majority of people I work with are married with families. They’ve been married for years. They started their families at my age. Some have even been married more than once and I’m amazed - it’s hard enough to get a guy to commit and call you his girlfriend these days, let alone have him get down on one knee.

So what changed?

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Help to Buy ISAs: How It All Works

I’ve never been overly-knowledgeable when it comes to matters of personal finance – too much talk of variable interest rates and AERs and I start to zone out.

help-to-buy-isa-mortage-help-imageIt’s quite contradictory really, as I’m quite a good saver and I generally have a clear idea of exactly just how much money is going in and out of my bank account. You would think I’d be keen to be banking-savvy to maximise my saving potential.

A guy I was formerly seeing introduced me to the world of ISAs, practically begging me to open one up. He went as far as to setting up the whole thing for me online.

And I’m glad/grateful he did, because I now earn an extra £100 a year…as opposed to the 0.02p I was earning from my savings before.

But now that time has come around again, as there’s a new type of ISA account on the market that I really need to brush up on.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Help! My Washing Machine Leaves White Streaks On My Clothes

I’m a bit of a neat/tidy/clean freak but laundry has got to be my least favourite domestic chore, not least because my wardrobe consists of a lot of black and after EVERY wash I have these annoying white streaks on my clothes.

Once dried and ready to wear, I would have to get a damp sponge and pat the area to get rid of the white marks. I can’t believe I’d been dutifully just doing this for years before I finally decided to Google a remedy.

So, first things first – locate the source of the problem. Answer: surplus detergent. I decided to go easy on the washing powder with my next wash but sadly, the white streaks remained ever-present

I then came across some advice which suggested just doing an extra rinse with your wash. Unfortunately, my washing machine doesn’t have that option so once the cycle was complete, I just ran the "prewash" programme. I believe the "handwash" setting will work too if you have it.

I was pleasantly surprised that this actually worked! If you’re worried about the extra cost, you can always run the wash during off-peak hours where the energy tarrif is cheaper. Generally, these progammes only add an extra 15-20 minutes onto your wash anyway.